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Services that meet your needs, customized products, engineering methods and special solutions for measuring and testing tasks

PWFT provides you with services and products for metrology and test engineering of consumer and industrial goods. The young company performs independent measurements and tests for clients and, in liaison with the customer, develops appropriate, customized test methods. To accomplish that, PWFT builds specialized test benches and measurement devices. They are used not only in our own service area but are also developed and fabricated for and with the customers.

Product tests and measurements have manifold and usually highly specific requirements. These are focused on the functions and performance characteristics of the products, their area of application and their usage. In particular in the consumer goods sector, tests are necessary that surpass the quality assurance of a manufacturing process and that are oriented on the behavior during application. PWFT is specialized in developing test methods for consumer goods that emphasize the user’s perception. To do that, it analyzes the product application and – in close coordination with the product manufacturer – develops optimally matched test methods and facilities.

Our Vision

For PWFT, priority is set on the health and safety of the people who use the consumer goods in daily life. This motivation is reflected in the mission statement of developing technical solutions with engineering science knowledge and methods which enable quality assurance that is tuned to the retail customer.

Our services range from application-focused in-house developments of complete test systems through in-process tests in a producing client’s value chain. We test the functions and performance characteristics and obtain qualitative evidence, whenever possible verified through quantified technical data and above all through objectified, independent evidence on the behavior during application and compliance with the characteristics. That enables us to give the consumer transparency and orientation regarding the product performance and supply the producer a valuable basis of information to facilitate further development of its products.

The basis of our services and products is created by broad technical engineering knowledge and an exceptionally user-oriented manner of thinking and handling. We seek close proximity to application-oriented research facilities and implement the insights gained in scientific practice in the services and products.

In the interest of reaching our goals, we place special importance on the selection and support of our employees, who identify with the PWFT mission statement and who have the engineering science skills to fulfill our visions. They share the enthusiasm for technology and the ability to find creative and structured solutions for demanding technical problem formulations.

Special focus is placed on practical and concrete solutions. Using the same standards we select our suppliers, who strengthen us as competent technological partners and who share our mission statement.

We seek close contact to our customers in everything we do. Development that meets the demand always requires tight, in-depth cooperation. During that process we retain the necessary independence with an objective vantage point and knowledge of the state-of-the-art of science and technology. This is the prerequisite for open-minded customer consulting and transparent and objective product testing, especially in the consumer sector.

Produktbezogenen Daten unserer Auftraggeber genießen bei uns einen besonderen Stellenwert und werden nur zu den genannten Zwecken der Produktkontrolle und Qualitätssicherung verwendet. Alle weiteren, begleitenden Daten werden in besonderem Maße geschützt. Unsere Kunden profitieren von einer transparenten, unabhängigen, sorgfältigen und nach aktuellem Stand der Technik durchgeführten zusätzliche Produktüberwachung. Damit können Sie ihre eigene Produktentwicklung verbessern und ihren Endkunden eine geprüfte Produktqualität bereitstellen und nachweisen.

Product-related data from our client is given special importance and is used solely for the stated purposes of product control and quality assurance. All additional, accompanying data is strongly protected. Our customers profit from transparently, independently, attentively performed additional product monitoring based on the state of the art. That helps you improve your own product development and provide your consumers with verified, tested product quality.

A test seal from PWFT GmbH is based on a neutral test performed independent of the client that is defined and developed individually for each product based on current engineering science knowledge and methods. The applied test methods are accessible and are comprehensibly documented for the final customer.


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