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Mechanical Engineering and R&D Services

Mechanical engineering services from the first sketch, to the mechatronic design and the software development, right through to construction, testing and service
Standardized product tests and measurement services as well as the development of individual and new test methods and test setups

Quality assurance for consumer and industrial goods

Measurement of sharpness and cutting performance on razor blades with a patented sharpness test and quality control of blade positioning in cartridges with high resolution optical measurement
As a technical service, PWFT GmbH carries out cutting performance tests on cutlery and develops new test methods
PWFT GmbH is a competent and reliable partner in developing special solutions for measuring and testing tasks
PWFT awards test marks for products whose characteristics are adequately measured, tested and in conformity with quality specifications
With our measurement technology we perform topography, height profile and layer thickness measurements of micro components or structures with high lateral resolution

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