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Methods & Solutions

Our methods & solutions for individual measuring and testing tasks

In the scope of our engineering-science services we work out application-relevant solutions for measuring and testing tasks. At the same time what sets us apart is a systematic, structured and goal-oriented approach along with the application of engineering-science working methods. We seek proximity to application-focused research and maintain close cooperation with research partners, in particular with the Institute of Manufacturing and Tooling Technology (iWFT) at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne (RFH Köln). A network of industrial contacts helps us to find new challenges and to solve them with strong cooperation partners and a broad competence profile.

One particular focus is placed on the development of practical solutions and a user-focused orientation of the developed methods. In practical application we transfer these methods into the test benches, measuring equipment and process flows. The quality control of multi-blade razor systems is shown in the following as an example for this procedure.

REM recording of a razor blade (side)
  Quality control of multi-blade razor systems

The quality of a multi-blade razor system is determined by both the design of the technical characteristics of the individual blades such as the cutting performance and the edge-holding property as well as the maintenance of the geometric tolerance specifications of the entire cartridge. The latter are determined with a visual inspection along with the contactless measurement of the geometric dimensional accuracy of multi-blade razor systems. The included characteristics are illustrated in detail below.

Visual evaluation and contactless measuring

Cutting performance tests


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